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The Professional Detail Products Group is the exclusive wholesale distributor of Finish Line auto detail products. Many of our members have been in business for over 20 years and through those years they have established good relationships with many of the most respected representatives of major manufactures in the industry.

With these relationships the PDPG can offer a number of superior products, equipment, and services to our members. The items include a full line of branded products, raw materials, fragrances, brushes, machines, equipment, parts, miscellaneous items, buffing pads, raw materials, and product formulations.

The PDPG firmly believes that to be successful we must work together as a buying group. We do this to get the best products and price available today and deliver them to our customers in a timely manner.

Our Story

The Professional Detail Product Group was founded in 1998 by a group of independent business entrepreneurs who are distributors and specialty blenders of car wash and detail supplies. This group of business visionaries recognized that they needed a clear alternative to a volatile marketplace and uncertain futures with current manufactures. They came together to form the Professional Detail Product Group.

The PDPG was established to help members maintain current sales, establish a line of communication, increase profits, improve buying power, and create a supply chain that can assist and enable members to dominate their respected territories. in January 2009 the PDPG formed a L.L.C. To better serve members and organize the group.


At PDPG we dedicate all of resources and knowledge to servicing our members so that they can provide the best services and products back to their customers. We want to provide a full network of competitive ideas for our members so that it benefits all of us in our own marketplace. The foundation of our business is ethics, loyalty, and integrity. This will help us maintain the highest level of professionalism seen in the industry today. We want to establish the most influential buying group in the industry today and with your membership you can: Develop Your Product Line, Increase Your Profitability, Boost Your Buying Power, Enhance Your Customer Relations, and Established Your Brand Loyalty.

PDPG is a committed group which is focused on their member’s success and through their success it will lead the PDPG to rapid growth and profitability in the 21st century. We invite you to come join some the most business savvy entrepreneurs in the industry today and participate in changing the way the industry does business.

About Us

Professional Detail Products Group is the exclusive wholesale distributor of Finish Line auto detail products.


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